Welcome to Joycie Reilly Poetry.

Welcome to Joycie Reilly Poetry – the living quarters of my Inner Self, the self that speaks my story. The poems are expressed though Joycie Reilly, a nickname I was given as a child and it is through her journey that I learned to express the hopes, fears, joy, grief, loves and passions of the human condition. And the longing for freedom, freedom to remove my mask as Joycie Reilly does in the end and finally after many struggles, she and I speak as one.
Inner Rumblings – Poems to Give My Inner Self a Voice, is my first poetry book but it is however not my first poem. I have been writing poems since my early teens in an effort to diffuse the many conflicting emotions rumbling around inside me, and it is only now that I have found the courage to present them to the world, in the hope that they may touch and heal those of you who nurse similar wounds to my own.
Each poem has a special meaning for me and each one moved me further along the path of self-knowledge, closer to admitting my feelings to others and closer to removing the mask I presented to the world.
I created this website to share with you, these emotions. Please feel free to explore each page of this site, take a look at the link to my book Inner Rumblings, read some sample poems, and accompany me on my blogging journey. And in taking this journey with me, my hope is that you may find a salve for the ups and downs of your own life and find healing in the knowledge that you are not alone and others have felt lonely and lost too.

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