Looking Inwards – Covid 19

I want to offer you a poem for the uncertain time that we are living in right now. We are each being forced to do a little introspection and look inside ourselves rather than outside for answers. There are some treasures to be found, some shadows to be met and some demons to be conquered. Please scroll down below to read the poem I wrote about my experience of looking within, when quarantined by Covid 19. I hope it help you too.

Joycie Reilly Poetry

I listen to a Silence that is New
to my Ears and Old to my Soul
Around me I look for Distractions
That used to Satisfy
But Today they are not Enough
Today I am lost in a hole of Darkness
Which forces me to look Inside
And See what I refused to See Before
Self Abrasive Self from Nowhere
The hidden Pretense of Healing
The Mask that Says
I am All there is Now
I have taken you while you lay Dreaming
Of Sights and Sounds
That disturbed your Heart
And destroyed your Mind

But hold on you did my Love
You couldn’t let go
Until Now
Until this journey
Forced through a world in Chaos
Was upon you
And you had to sit Alone
With no-one but You
Wrapped up in a Blanket of Doubt
Feeling what wasn’t there before

Soldiers daring to Rub their Eyes
Raise their Guns and Say
No More
No More – No More
We are Here to Reclaim Territory
Lost Long Ago
On Fields of Dreaming

And the Crack Opens
Cries Shriek into the Night
Nobody hears
And I didn’t Die