Inner Rumblings

Inner Rumblings is a collection of poems about life, about courage and about emotion. Whether you are looking for the courage to keep going when your heart is breaking, the inspiration to follow your dreams or a feeling of ‘someone else has been here too,’ these poems offer an open invitation to share joys, struggles, loves and pain with you.
The poems are expressed through Joycie Reilly, the name the author gives to her inner self – the self that speaks honestly about her battles with social anxiety and self-approval – the self that is searching for acceptance in a cold and turbulent world.
But despite her struggles, Joycie Reilly continues journeying through life, experiencing feelings of great happiness and great pain along the way. And her hope for you the reader is this, that in knowing her journey – you may come to better understand your own.
The book is divided into 10 lifecycles – each lifecycle presenting a separate set of poems relevant to the age and circumstances of the author. The lifecycles span over a 30 year period beginning with Early Teens and ending with Coming Home.

Poetry Reviews

Simple, Direct Effective.

Teresa Murray, Dublin

Very honest and emotional. Could not put it down.

Fiona O’Toole, Galway

These poems made me smile, cry, laugh and tremble for Joycie Reilly. The most touching poetry I have read in a long, long time.

Barbara McNulty, London
Receiving my Inner Rumblings proof. A happy day in Dunhill, Co. Waterford, Ireland