Sample Poems

See below for a selection of three sample verses from my book ‘Inner Rumblings – Poems to give the Inner Self a Voice, the self I call Joycie Reilly.’ If you wish to see more samples of Joycie Reilly Poetry, please visit her Facebook Page or Instagram Feed or set up an email alert for her Blog posts.

The Deep Unknown

How long before I cease to Cry
The Anguish of this Weakened Mind
Which has been left here to Die
Because of a Hateful Agreement Signed

Passers By

Passers By What do You See
When You Mindlessly Glance at Me
The Thoughts Running through My Head

My Deepest Feelings Never Said


You didn’t want this
Nobody did
For years you hid behind
A comfortable lie
Until the cancer
Ripped apart
The world you loved
And I was left